Educational Outreach Goals

NOVA's educational program - NOVA Music Project, furthers the art of chamber music by demonstrating the foundations of collaborative music making - and musical teamwork evident in harmony, rhythm, dynamics and counterpoint - to local public school students. 

The goal is to create audiences and supporters of classical music for the future by experiencing how chamber music will enrich their lives today. 

How Would My Students Benefit?

Chamber music is music-making in small focused groups, where each musical instrument plays an integral part within a complex team of harmony and structure. With the ultimate goal to perform as one unified entity, chamber music groups rehearse long hours in order to play completely in sync with one another; shaping each musical phrase, measure by measure to create a cohesive whole.

NOVA believes an appreciation for chamber music is a wonderful and valuable tool to engage in students’ ability to listen on multiple levels as well as learn the art of teamwork. Ideally suited for all students who are taking orchestra, band, or solo instrument study.

Aspen Winds - Educational Artists

These professional musicians connect with elementary, middle school, and high school aged students, providing them with live performances, question and answer sessions, and insight into the power and beauty involved with making music. 

Their expertise to perform and describe elements of chamber music – the intricacies of listening, rehearsing, and working together have been an inspiration for the students NOVA has visited.  

Since its inception in 2011,  Aspen Winds woodwind chamber group has educated and inspired their audiences with vivid interpretations of old and new works. Aspen Winds’ creative programming has led them to perform story music works written for woodwinds and narrator—adding costumes, acting, and professional storytelling to their repertoire of entertaining performances. They collaborate with schools to introduce chamber music to students and their families.

Aspen Winds musicians have performed with the Utah Symphony, Orchestra at Temple Square, Boise Philharmonic, Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra, Utah Wind Symphony, Prevailing Winds, Utah Baroque ensemble, Salt Lake Choral Artists, Utah Chamber Artists, American West Symphony, and other major music organizations throughout the Western United States.


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