Utah Virtuosi - April 23, 2017

Virtuoso violinists and violists perform music written at the limit of possibility for their instruments by Paganini and American composer Eric Wubbels. Featured musicians include violinists Kathryn Eberle, Aubrey Woods, Robert Waters, and violists Brant Bayless, Elizabeth Beilman, Joel Gibbs, and Carl Johansen.

Eric Wubbels’ Viola Quartet of 2006-7, subtitled “Transcendental Etude,” is a searing virtuoso work of uncompromising complexity and vigor. The work is a terrifying undertaking for violists and a thrilling experience for an audience, pushing the instruments and players to their breaking point. The demands of this work are not unlike Paganini’s solo violin Caprices, which to this day still strike fear into the hearts of violinists due to their difficulty.

Also on the program, Kathryn Eberle and Brant Bayless collaborate on Mozart’s B-flat Duo for Violin and Viola, while Alex Martin offers a brilliant finale to our season as the featured soloist in Mozart’s Third Violin Concerto.

The third Violin Concerto is arguably Mozart's most popular violin concerto; its intimate and playful character makes it especially well-suited for a chamber ensemble and soloist. With Utah Symphony violinist Alex Martin performing the concerto, it will surely be an incredible and unforgettable end to NOVA’s 2016-17 season.


Concert begins at 3:00 PM
Libby Gardner Hall, University of Utah

1375 E. Presidents Circle, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

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